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CSOs Working Group on Prey Lang and REDD+ Organized meeting for Information Sharing

CSOs Working Group on Prey Lang and REDD Organized meeting for Information Sharing 1

On Aug 14, 2017 afternoon meeting, its purpose is to update current status of NGO network members who work in Kampong Thom, collaboration among NGOs and Provincial Department of Environment (DoE); NGO activities; coordination with FA and local authorities as well. The Indigenous People and Forestry Network (IPFN) members shared their current activities related to forestry sectors, community livelihood and group saving and CBR+, so far they actively involved in good coordination with specialized government departments DoE and FA cantonment. At that time Prey Lang Community Network (PLCN) representatives reported current situation of Prey Lang after handing over to MoE to be responsible for administration and manage since April 2016, illegal still occurred in various, he assume this action more active. Ineffective forest law enforcement by rangers, villagers buy power chainsaw from some rangers who colluder and cut tree in the PL areas. During the meeting Peace Bridge Organisation (PBO) Danmission-funded and Winrock support fund US$ 500 per month for 4 PLCN ( Kampong Thom, Kratie, Stung Treng and Prah Vihear), hence each month PLCN in each target province has US$1,000 for supporting their patrolling activity.

The capacity building to target group and community such as smart phone use; data collection process share information on REDD+ progress and CBR+ to target group; advocacy approach; forest management planning; provide fund for forest patrol as well. In addition, Danmission also provide fund to students for research and study at Prey Lang area. Local community expressed that most of forest areas surrounding Prey Lang are PA and they request that if there is possible all NGOs who work related to PL activity should update among them in order to avoid of overlapped fund.

CSOs Working Group on Prey Lang and REDD Organized meeting for Information Sharing 2

Four group discussions by target province this session focus on PreyLang status only. Based on the plenary group discussion fund that Legal framework (sub decree and other legal documents have been issued and support by government and applied by specialized department such as MoE and FA/MAFF; signboard; rangers have been recruited and regularly support PLCN group to implement forest patrol, Winrock has provided materials for PLCN to patrol and build up capacity local people to monitor forest resource and have coordination with local authorities and specialized government departments as well. Even though, we have great progress and many achievements but some key challenges still happened including illegal logging and forest land grabbing from other people still occurred in the PL area. Based on PLCN representative (Mr. Hoeun Sopheap reported that at least 10 hand-tractors with minimum 1 m3 of wood per each have been transported from PL area, hence at least 150m3 volume of stand tree cut down every day. Anyway, wildlife hunting also occurred there, it is due to many reasons from other factor such as rangers knowledge and commitments; community perspectives; not hominization among local people, authorities and arm force as well, collusion between some rangers and loggers always happen and some NGOs no common plan for supporting PL activity, and major challenges due to institution/ personal interest so corruption still happen there, limitation of capacity and number of rangers also concern.

All group discussion has common suggestion to concerned institutions as following as below:
• All kind of natural resource law enforcement should be strengthened and apply at ground in real practice
• Build up capacity knowledge and skill to rangers PLCN members to ensure they have sufficient/ appropriate skill and experiences in natural protection process in sustainable manner.
• NGOs and government departments should support local livelihood activity through various actions with interested-group members;
• Continues to disseminate the importance of forest for life at all and the world as well;
• Forest polling installment and signboard should be increased number surrounding forest territory;
• Recruit more ranger and build up their capacity knowledge and skill,
• Concerned NGOs should work together and share information/ integrate common action plan and share agreed plan each other;
• Fund mobilization should strengthen as strong as possible;
• Forest boundary polling should enforce as strong as possible;
• Periodic transition punishment should re consider and define its deadline to avoid conflict of interest among multi-stakeholders and also enhance good governance practice and improve accountability in forest management status as well.
• Tree planting should encourage concerned institutions to apply at ground
• Influence/ intervention from local authorities and concerned department/ officers to offenders should finish to be fair for all ( PLCN members and local people as well)

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