The NGO Forum on Cambodia

# NGOFORUM Publication Date Download
1NGO Statement on the First Year of Implementation of the National Poverty Reduction Strategy (NPRS)0000-00-00Khmer|English
2Report of Workshop on NGO?s Concerns on the Infrastructure Dev't and GMS Projects in Cambodia0000-00-00Khmer|English
3Mapping of Budget Information in Health Sector0000-00-00Khmer|English
4Mapping Of Budget Information In Education0000-00-00Khmer|English
5Summary of NGO Comments on the draft Law on Public Procurement by the NGO Working Group 0000-00-00Khmer|English
6Second Draft Law on Public Procurement0000-00-00Khmer|English
7Agriculture Sector Financing and Services for Smallholder Farmers0000-00-00Khmer|English
8Analysis of the Financial Law (Budget Law) for 2010 Management0000-00-00Khmer|English
9Brief of Agriculture Financing and Services for Smallholder Farmers September 2012 0000-00-00Khmer|English
10Analysis of the implementation of the 2007 Budget and the 2008 Budget Law0000-00-00Khmer|English
11Guide to the National Budget0000-00-00Khmer|English
12NGO Position Papers on Cambodia?s Development in 2007-20080000-00-00Khmer|English
13The Impact of Food Price Increases on the Poor and Vulnerable and Policy Responses in Cambodia – Brief (Khmer)0000-00-00Khmer|English
14The Impact of the Economic Downturn on Households and Communities in Cambodia – brief 0000-00-00Khmer|English
15Civil Society and Resource Revenues 0000-00-00Khmer|English
16Rising Food Prices Impacts ? Opportunities ? Challenges 0000-00-00Khmer|English
17Learning from irrigation projects in Cambodia: benefits and challenges 0000-00-00Khmer|English
18Report Summary on Assessment of NGO Participation and Representation in Technical Workin Groups (TWGs)0000-00-00Khmer|English
19Factsheet on Terms of Assistance of Foreign Concessional Loans to Cambodia0000-00-00Khmer|English
20A communique to the Royal Government of Cambodia and our development (CCC, MEDiCAM, NGOF, and API) 0000-00-00Khmer|English