The NGO Forum on Cambodia

# NGOFORUM Publication Date Download
1Briefing National Budget Guide2017-02-21Khmer|English
2Guide to the National Budget2016-07-19Khmer|English
3Statistical Analysis of Economic Land Concession in Cambodia, 20152016-06-29Khmer|English
4Joint principles for adaptation (English)2016-01-26Khmer|English
5Towards a Paris Agreement on Climate Change avoice from cambodia (English)2016-01-26Khmer|English
6Survey The compensation policies and market property price lower Sesan 2 dam development project2015-12-09Khmer|English
7A Study on Land Disputes in Four Provinces of Cambodia: Mapping, Impacts, and Possible Solutions2015-11-17Khmer|English
8Open Budget Survey 2015 (English)2015-11-16Khmer|English
9World Habitat Day: Community Petition(Khmer Only)2015-11-13Khmer|English
10Reflection on the Strategies to Support Small Landholders: Through the Review of National Strategic Development Plan (NSDP), Key Informant Interviews and Case Studies2015-10-05Khmer|English
11Policy brief strategy to support small landholder farmers2015-10-05Khmer|English
12Logs and patronage: systematic illegal logging and the destruction of state forests and protected areas in rattanakiri and stung treng provinces, Cambodia2015-10-05Khmer|English
13World Habitat Day 2015 Message of the UN-Habitat Executive Director Dr. Joan Clos(English Only)2015-10-05Khmer|English
14 Joint Statement by Civil Society Organizations to Express Strong Disappointment over the Approval of the Concession Agreement of the Construction of the Don Sahong Hydropower Dam by the National Assembly of the People’s Democratic Republic of Laos.2015-09-25Khmer|English
15Climate Policy Brief for COP 21 (Paris) (English)2015-09-23Khmer|English
16Statistical Analysis of Land Disputes in Cambodia, 2014 (English)2015-09-18Khmer|English
17The Assessment Of CSO/NGOs’ Comments Incorporated Into The National Strategic Development Plan (NSDP) 2014-2018 (English Only)2015-09-11Khmer|English
18Action Plan of Good agricultural Practices(Khmer Only)2015-08-10Khmer|English
19CSO perspective on INDCs2015-07-17Khmer|English
20Research Briefing of Directive 01 (Khmer Version Only)2015-06-09Khmer|English