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Bottom Up Consultation to Adaptation Fund Project

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Siem Reap 08-12 May 2016: Under coordinating by Climate Change Policy Monitoring Project of The NGO Forum on Cambodia, our NGOs Environment and Climate Change Alliance (NECA) members and Department of Community Protected Area/General Directorate of Administration for Nature Conservation and Protection of Ministry of Environment conducted a bottom up consultation through field trips, community gatherings, participatory-rural appraisal and rapid-rural appraisal with project beneficiaries and other affected groups.


The Regional Technical Working Group on Environmental Impact Assessment and CSO Leader Meeting


On 27-29 April 2016: Mr Tek Vannara, Executive Director of the NGO FORUM on Cambodia was participated in the third meeting of the regional technical working group on environmental impact assessment and CSO leader meeting. Aims of these meeting are provided comments from member of working group on the zero draft of the regional


The NGO Forum’s Quarterly Members Meeting

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The NGO Forum on Cambodia organized Quarterly Members Meeting (QMM) on Friday 29th April, 2016, at Phnom Penh Ecumenical Diakonia Centre (PPEDC). The meeting was participated by 84 (25 female) who are representatives of member organizations, network members, and partners. The common objectives of the Quarterly Member Meeting are to:


Monitoring the affected communities’ advocacy, submitting petition for land dispute resolution

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Phnom Penh, April 27, 2016: The NGO Forum on Cambodia (NGOF) joined the monitoring the advocacy activities of thousands families of affected communities from two districts (Tambe and Memuth), Tbong Khmom province to submit their petitions to Ministry of Land Management Urban Planning and Construction (MLMUPC), Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery (MAFF), The Cabinet of Prime Minister, Anti-Corruption Unit (ACU) and National Assembly in order to take action for land conflict resolution and land title.


TWG-PPR meeting concept note for mid-term revview 2016 on the Implementatiion of the National Strategic Development Plan(NSDP) 2014-2018


April 11, 2016: representative of the NGO Forum on Cambodia participated in the Technical Working Group on Planning and Poverty Reduction (TWG-PPR) at the meeting room of Ministry of Planning. The main agendas of this meeting are 1) The NSDP Mid-Term-Review (MTR) process and 2) The SDGs localization process. From the NGOF side, Mr Tek Vannara,


Monthly Meeting TWG LAND and Development Partners


Development Partners on Land Monthly Meeting was held in World Bank Office on April 06, 2016 from 10:00 AM – 12:10PM participating by 11 CSO/Institutions including GIZ, OHCHR, EC, PKH, Forum Syd, Oxfam, USAID, UN Habitat, MRLG, STT, and NGOF. This meeting focused on the key agenda items as following: 1) Review and approval of minutes of the last meeting (March, 2016), 2) Follow-ups with OHCHR and MRLG concerning the co-facilitation o



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