The NGO Forum on Cambodia

Parliamentary Workshop on “Understanding of Macroeconomic Framework and Public Financial Policy for preparation of the Draft Law on National Budget Management 2017”

Parliamentary Workshop on 14June2016 001

Phnom Penh, on 14 June 2016: Representative of the NGOForum, Mr. Tek Vanara, Executive Director and the budget working group members namely Mrs, Kim Natachia-CRRT, Mrs. Sawada Chan Krisna-Oxfam, Ms. Chhim Ratana and Mr. Pen Raksa-TIC, and Mr. Teng Samath-GADC participated the parliamentary workshop on “Understanding of Macroeconomic Framework and Public Financial Policy for preparation of the Draft Law on National Budget Management 2017” held by the secretariat General of the National Assembly of Cambodia.


CSO and Legal Working Group on Environmental Code Influencing

Cambodia faces key challenges on current environmental protection and natural resources management are partly due to unclear/overlapping jurisdiction among ministries and gaps in the law and policies. These challenges are the priority to be dealt with in an effective manner in response to the necessary needs of the country and the Cambodia’s obligation to international agreements and conventions.


Training Workshop on “Monitoring EIA processes and effective communication”

training workshop on EIA2016 001

Stung Treng Province, 7th – 9th June 2016:  NGO Forum on Cambodia with support from the USAID, PACT Cambodia, CDRI and Oxfam, in cooperation with Department of EIA of Ministry of Environment organized a second workshop to train key NGO members on how to develop information based on the fact and publishing report. There are 30 NGOs network Member from River Coalition of Cambodia (6 womens), NECA members and CSO on EIA working group.   

The environmental impact assessment (EIA) process is a multistep procedure to ensure that environmental considerations are included in decisions making regarding projects that may impact the environment. It helps identify the possible environmental effects of a proposed activity and how those impacts can be mitigated. The purpose of the EIA process is to inform decision-makers and to promote transparency and public involvement of the environmental consequences by a proposed project implementation. The EIA document identifies, predicts, and analyzes impacts on the physical environment, as well as social, cultural, and health impacts. If the EIA process is successful, it identifies alternatives and mitigation measures to reduce the environmental impact of a proposed project.


2nd Indigenous Peoples Forest Network steering committee meeting

2nd IPFN Streeing Committee Meeting 2016 001

Phnom Penh, 09 June 2016:  Indigenous Peoples Forest Network (IPFN) of the NGO Forum organized 2nd IPFN steering committee meeting at the NGO Forum office. During meeting representatives of IPFN members bring a common interest on how to manage Prey Lang by participatory approach in order to give an opportunity for local people to involve in Pray Lang management system and benefit to their livelihood as well. In sub decree No 74 issue on 9th May, 2016 Prey Lang area for all four respective provinces have been included into one of Prey Lang territory with 431, 683 ha.


The National and World Environment

The National and World Environment Day on 05June2016 001

Phnom Penh, Indra Tevy High School,  05 June 2016, 7:00Am:  There are around 1500 participants who are from representative of Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Education Youth and Sport, CSO, NGOs and Development Partner to participate in the National and World Environment, under the theme “We are all participate for our beautiful world”.


Celebration 44th Anniversary of World Environment Day

Celebration 44th Anniversary of World Environment Day 2016 001

Phnom Penh, 05 June 2016: There are 8 representative from NGOs networks, Ministry of Environment, Development Partners, Students and Community in rural area of Cambodia to participate the celebration 44th Anniversary of World Environment Day, Theme: “Forest and River are Lives” at Hal of American Intercon School.



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