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2nd Indigenous Peoples Forest Network steering committee meeting

2nd IPFN Streeing Committee Meeting 2016 001

Phnom Penh, 09 June 2016:  Indigenous Peoples Forest Network (IPFN) of the NGO Forum organized 2nd IPFN steering committee meeting at the NGO Forum office. During meeting representatives of IPFN members bring a common interest on how to manage Prey Lang by participatory approach in order to give an opportunity for local people to involve in Pray Lang management system and benefit to their livelihood as well. In sub decree No 74 issue on 9th May, 2016 Prey Lang area for all four respective provinces have been included into one of Prey Lang territory with 431, 683 ha.


The National and World Environment

The National and World Environment Day on 05June2016 001

Phnom Penh, Indra Tevy High School,  05 June 2016, 7:00Am:  There are around 1500 participants who are from representative of Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Education Youth and Sport, CSO, NGOs and Development Partner to participate in the National and World Environment, under the theme “We are all participate for our beautiful world”.


Celebration 44th Anniversary of World Environment Day

Celebration 44th Anniversary of World Environment Day 2016 001

Phnom Penh, 05 June 2016: There are 8 representative from NGOs networks, Ministry of Environment, Development Partners, Students and Community in rural area of Cambodia to participate the celebration 44th Anniversary of World Environment Day, Theme: “Forest and River are Lives” at Hal of American Intercon School.


Training Workshop on Information Communication Technology and Case Study Development

Training Workshop on ICTCase Study 001

Phnom Penh, 25-26 May 2016, The NGOs Environment and Climate Change Alliance (NECA), The NGO Forum on Cambodia together  with Cambodia Climate Change Network (CCCN) under funding supporting by DanChurhAid/CristainAid (DCA/CA) and Southern Voice on Adaptation; the two days  training workshop on “ ICT Information Communication Technology and Case study Development” conducted at NGOF office in order to build the network member’s capacity to use much more effective modern communication medias for better communication and advocacy and  ability to write the Case Study Development, and knowledge of IEC material production in context of climate change, as well as to exchange knowledge and experiences of NGO members in Cambodia in the area of community-based Climate Change.


Key Result of Field Investigation of IP Land dispute and illegal logging in Chork Char

Brieft key result of field follow up cases in Pukong and Chor Char villages Mondulkiri 001

The NGO Forum on Cambodia have facilitated the members of Indigenous People and Forestry Network (IPFN) to conduct field follow up cases of IP land dispute and illegal logging in Chork Char and Pukong villages, Keo Seima district, Mondulkiri province from 17-19 May 2016.


A Field visit to follow up on the Boeung Pram Case

Field visit to Boeung Pram case001

March13-16, 2016: there were five representatives of a working group, which consist of CLEC, LWD, Council of the Ministers and NGOF, was conducted a fact finding trip related  to a long time land disputes case at Boeung Pram zone, located Boeung Pram commune, Bavil district, Battambong province. During this strip, the working group was attended the eight



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