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Don Sahong Dam Development Project is a Risk to Cambodia

Don Sahong Dam Development Project is a Risk to Cambodia

Approximately of 90 participants from government representatives, Cambodia National Mekong Committee (CNMC), development partners, academia, fishery scientists, local and international NGOs, especially, communities were pulling together to attend a one-day national workshop on “Concerns on Don Sahong Dam” prepared by The NGO Forum on Cambodia in collaboration with the Rivers Coalition in Cambodia (RCC) at PGCT, #274, Tonle Basac, district, Chamkar Morn, Phnom Penh.

A one-day training conducted on March 20 was undertaken under the specific objectives such as increasing participants’ knowledge on the Don Sahonog hydropower dam project, sharing information among government agencies, development partners, NGOs and communities on Don Sahong hydropower dam and its potential impacts, and lastly giving the floor for participants especially community to discuss about the impacts and major concerns of the dam and tactic forward to overcome those apprehensions.


National Forum on Peoples and Forests

The First Cambodian National Forum for People and Forests under the theme of Pathways to Sustainable Forest Management and Livelihoods Innovations was held in February 25-26, 2014, at Phnom Penh Hotel. This is the first platform continuing from the third Regional for People and Forests 2013, that planned to organize in six countries: Cambodia, Lao PDR, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam.  The National Forum is jointly co-organized by NGO Forum on Cambodia, RECOFTC, The Learning Institute, NTFP-EP, Ministry of Environment, and Forestry Administration & Fishery Administration. The forum gather more than 150 participants/representatives from Government, CF communities (Community Forestry, Community Fisheries, and Community Protected Areas), local authorities, NGOs, donors, private sector and academia to take stock of community forestry achievements, lessons learned, best practices, issues and challenges as bases for drawing up way-forward CF action plans and innovations in Cambodia. It will also provide an opportunity for RECOFTC (as well as other organizations and stakeholders) to express its continuing support and commitments to the CF action plans and innovations.

The Indigenous Peoples and Forestry Network celebrated the 19th International Day of the World's Indigenous People on 9 August 2013 and called for changes to improve the livelihoods of Cambodia’s indigenous citizens

International Day of the World's Indigenous People celebrates the importance of indigenous communities and their cultures.

There are 24 groups of indigenous peoples scattered over 15 provinces of Cambodia, contributing to approx. 1.2 % of the total population. They play an important role in managing forest resources, contributing to climate change management, which affects all Cambodians. NGO Forum works with other NGOs and many indigenous communities to help protect their traditional cultures, their land and economic rights, and to eliminate discrimination.

“Indigenous peoples need our support to survive”, said Mr Chhith Sam Ath, Executive Director of NGO Forum.


NGO Forum and CCC host a National Multi-Stakeholder Consultation on "CSO Perspective on Cambodia Development Framework Beyond 2015"

In the context of the Cambodia Millennium Development Goals (CMDG) a ninth goal on mine clearace was added by Government. Today over 150 participations from CSOs, development partners and relevant governmental agencies consulted on "CSO Perspective on Cambodia Development Framework Beyond 2015".  The meeting took place over two days, 22-23 May 2013 at Cambodiana Hotel, with the support of NGO Forum on Cambodia (NGO Forum) in partnership with UNFPA and Cooperation Committee for Cambodia (CCC).

Recently thematic discussions of CSOs were held in Bonn, Germany from 20-22 March 2013 and in Bali, Indonesia on 23-24 March with a stakeholder outreach day on 25 March with a  high level panel on the post 2015 development agenda. The thematic focuses from these consultations for post 2015 were: 1) promoting social inclusion and human development including equality and equity, 2) economic growth and development, 3) ecological development - promoting environmental sustainability, 4) inclusive partnership and governance and 5) human rights to development as center for development. Each thematic highlighted vision, issues and goals which were discussed among key presenters and participants in the meeting.


Strategic Discussion on Preparation for the Formulation of Mid Term Review of NSDP update 2009-2013 and NGO Position Paper to 4th CDCF in 2011.

NGO representatives from 17 sectors comprised of 34 persons met at La Paranda Hotel on March 22, 2011 from 8:00am to 12:00am to discuss on the preparation for formulation of Mid Term Review of NSDP update 2009-2013 and NGO Position Paper on Cambodia's Development to 4th CDCF in 2011. Sharing experience from MEDiCAM representative on how to make the health sector's inputs/comments into the NSDP update was also part of the meeting. Prior to the strategic discussion, the achievements and challenges of Development Issue Forum members on the joint-advocacy work on i) NGO Position Paper to 3rd CDCF and ii) NGO inputs/comments on the first draft NSDP Update were presented to members with mentioning the ownership of all sector NGOs and Groups over the results.


National Consultative Workshop on the Draft Law on Environment Impact Assessment

The NGO Forum on Cambodia (NGOF) is hosting a two-day National Consultative Workshop on the Draft Law on Environment Impact Assessment on 29-30 April 2013 at Imperial Garden Hotel, today to seek for more input from NGOs working on environment issue where representative from 55 NGOs working on Environment and from Climate Change Network attended. As it was announced, the 181 pages draft Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) law would be discussed by the Parliament soon therefore the consultation will help the government to make the law acceptable by all parties.

Speaking during on the opening of the consultation, Mr. Chhith Sam Ath, Executive Director of NGOF, highlighted that the draft law needs to be comprehensively discussed among all stakeholders not only the environmental but also the social impact to make sure the law will benefit all people and he acknowledged that the participation from NGOs would produce very sound and productive comments for the government to take into account.



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