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Earth Day 2017: Environmental & Climate Literacy

Earth Day 2017 1

The first Earth Day was organized on the 22nd of April in 1970 and mobilized millions of people to support environmental protection through joint actions and demonstrations. In the US, it led to the creation of the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the passage of the clean Air Act, the Water Quality Improvement Act, the Endangered Species Act and several other environmental laws . Since then, Earth Day has grown to become a global phenomenon. With more than a billion people celebrating the event each year, it is the largest secular observance in the world . The theme for Earth Day 2017 is “Environmental & Climate Literacy”, and it is the second time that Cambodia celebrates Earth Day. The Ministry of Environment (MoE) hosted the celebration in cooperation with several partners, including USAID and the NGO Forum on Cambodia. The event was organized on the 28th of April 2017 and true to the spirit of Earth Day as a day of action, it involved the planting of mangrove trees as a part of a reforestation program in a fishing community located in the coastal area of the Kep province. More than 500 people, including representatives from government line departments, local authorities, communities, students, NGOs and development partners, attended the event.


Social Cooperate Responsibility (CSR): Experiences of Private Companies and Government’s Implementation in China

Social Cooperate Responsibility CSR Experiences of Private Companies and Governments Implementation in China 1

The NGO Forum on Cambodia (NGOF) with American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) to host an Exchange Visit on Social Cooperate Responsibility (CSR) on Land and Water Governance in Beijing, China from 2nd – 8th April 2017. There were 11 delegations including the Ministry of Mining, the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries and its members from representative of LAHRiN and IPFN and RCC steering committee members took part the exchange visit. The regional exchange program’s main purpose is to strengthen capacity of network members and government officers through learning from experiences of private companies and government departments in China on land issues and Cooperative Social Responsibility (CSR), gain knowledge and experience in CSR’s concepts and strengthen cooperation and relationship between private sectors and civil society organizations.


Natural Resources and Environment Code, Environmental Impact Assessment and Climate Change concerns are still in top agenda in discussing among CSOs and the Ministry of Environment


On the 6th of April 2017, the NGO Forum on Cambodia (NGOF) facilitated a meeting between CSOs and the Ministry of Environment (MoE). The meeting had four primary themes: 1) The Natural Resources and Environment Code (EC), 2) Climate Change Technical Working Group, 3) Effective Contribution of CSOs on Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), and 4) Update on the Conservation Forum with the Prime Minister.


Weekly Diplomacy Mission for Consultation Meeting with the Embassies and International Agencies in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

On 03rd – 06thApril 2017, the NGO Forum on Cambodia (NGOF) and the Rivers Coalition in Cambodia (RCC) co-organizeda consultation meeting between local NGOs/CSOs, embassies and international agencies at a national level in Phnom Penh. The aim of the meeting was to discuss issues surrounding Mekong Water Governance and to inform aboutthe large-scale impacts of hydropower dam development projects on the Mekong Mainstream and its tributaries. It was a great opportunity for NGOF and RCC’s membersto work towards their common goals and achievethe best of results related to the weekly diplomacymissionand the consultation meeting with the embassies and international agencies in Phnom Penh.


Research Launching on Preparedness of Cambodia Small Landholder Farmers toward ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) Integration

Launching Report AEC 2

On 31 March 2017: The NGO Forum on Cambodia through its Agriculture Policies Monitoring Project to organize research launching on preparedness of Cambodia small landholder farmers toward ASEAN economic community (AEC) integration at Phnom Penh Ecumenical Diakonia Centre (PPEDC) with around 62 participants (12 women) join the event. The research report aims to identify roles, challenges and opportunities of Cambodia small landholder farmers. The study will raise the policy recommendations for supporting small landholder farmers both man and woman farmers on how to be well positioned in competition with other ASEAN member countries to protect the Cambodia agriculture for its food security and food sovereignty, as well as in the purpose to inform the policy makers and decision makers.


First Quarterly Meeting of Development of Food Security and Safety (NDF-C) Network in Cambodia

On 30th March 2017, first Quarterly Meeting of Development of Food Security and Safety in Cambodia (NDF-C) network was organized at the NGO Forum on Cambodia’s office. The meeting was hosted by the Agriculture Policy Monitoring Project coordinator of the NGO Forum on Cambodia. 24 participants (6 women), who represented both national and international NGOs, attended the meeting



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