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Results of a Discussion Meeting between Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and the Commission on Planning, Investment, Agriculture, Rural Development and Water Resources (3rd Commission) of the National Assembly

CSOs with 3rdNA 2017 1

On 19 January 2017, at the meeting hall of the National Assembly: a meeting was held between members the 3rd Commission of the National Assembly and representatives of 16 national and international CSOs. H.E Chair of the 3rd Commission was pleased and welcomed the collaboration, in particular, this important meeting. Dr. Tek Vannara, Executive Director, NGO Forum on Cambodia, thanked the 3rd Commission, especially, Samdech President of the National Assembly, for giving the opportunity and for sparing their invaluable time for the working group of the civil society organizations to meet. There were three main items on the meeting agenda, i.e., presentation of achievements and challenges, discussion, and collaboration for 2017 plans.


Discussion Meeting between Civil Society Organizations and Minister of Environment on Collaboration in Management of Environment and Natural Resources in Cambodia

CSOs Meeting with MoE-2017-Jan 1

On 20 January 2017, at the Prach Sun Meeting Hall of the Ministry of Environment: a meeting between the Ministry of Environment and representatives of 18 national and international civil society organizations was held. Dr. Tek Vannara, Executive Director, NGO Forum on Cambodia, started by thanking the Ministry for giving opportunity and for invaluable time for the working group of civil society organizations to meet and discuss collaboration in environmental protection, protection and conservation of natural resources, and to present achievements and challenges, and to seek collaboration for 2017 workplan.


Forum on “The Protection and Conservation of Natural Resources”

The Protection and Conservation of Natural Resources 001

On the morning of February 06, 2017 at the Ministry of Environment: NGO Forum on Cambodia, along with civil society organizations working on the conservation of natural resources, participated in the forum on "the protection and conservation of natural resources." This forum is important to debate solutions and consultation on issues of natural resources and land.


First Quarterly Land and Housing Rights Networks Member Meeting in 2017

First quarterly meeting of Land and Housing Rights Networks in 2017 Land and Housing Rights Network (LAHRiN) conducted its first quarterly network meeting at Diakonia Center, Phnom Penh Cambodia held on 02 – 03 February 2017 which participated by 44 (06 women) participants. The meeting aim to update the land issues information from network members including the field monitoring, current situation, challenges and advocacy strategy. Furthermore, LAHRiN quarterly meeting was discussed about the network strengthening, Action Plan 2017, and preparation for meeting with national assembly. 


First Quarterly Member Meeting in 2017


On Thursday 02nd February 2017, the NGO Forum on Cambodia conducted its Quarterly Membership Meeting (QMM) at the Phnom Penh Ecumenical Diakonia Center (PPEDC) in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. This was a half-day meeting among NGO Forum’s members, network members, and relevant stakeholders from 8:00am to 12:00am. There were 138 participants in this meeting.

In the opening remark by Ms. Prum Bopha, Member of the Management Committee of the NGO Forum on Cambodia and Executive Director of RAO. Firstly, she thanked all government officers, NGOF members, network members, INGOs and NGOs who attended today’s membership meeting. Then, she introduced the QMM’s objective – to share and discuss issues in Cambodia in order to find the best solution.


Joint Principle for Adaptation (JPA) and Core Humanitarian Standard (CHS): Disability Inclusive on Disaster

 Joint Principle for Adaptation 1

Recently, NGOF has been also promoting JPA as well as CHS in the radio programme and stakeholder consultation workshop hosted by the Voice of Disable People saying it was a good tool to ensure good governance, in specific term of participation & support of disable people in the DRR/CCA planning process. These activities had been organized by Cambodian Disabled People's Organization (CDPO). 

As a civil society initiative for promoting effective and equitable adaptation, Southern Voices developed JPAs with the aim to promote multi-stakeholder participation in the of policies on climate change adaptation.



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